ABA Therapy

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific method of teaching based on the principles of learning and behavior. ABA is evidence-based and can be applied to everyday life to increase or decrease any behavior. It has been successfully used to decrease challenging behaviors and increase other behaviors such as self-help skills, language acquisition, play skills, and academic/work skills.

ABA Therapy is an intensive program that requires a significant time commitment.  Children receive anywhere from 5-40 hours per week of direct therapeutic intervention.  The intensity of services is based upon each child’s unique needs and the recommendations of the Behavioral Analyst.  Your behavioral team can work side by side with your child in multiple settings including your home, our clinic, community environments, and some before and after school programs.

Home Based ABA Therapy in Lakewood CO

Home-Based Services

Home-based therapy consists of highly individualized programs that can replace or complement clinic-based programs. This option provides a safe, familiar, and non-threatening environment in which the therapist will implement behavioral plans. Additionally, home-based services offer unique opportunities to involve parents and siblings with therapy sessions.

Home Based ABA Therapy in Lakewood CO

Clinic-Based Services

Clinic-based therapy provides children with a highly structured environment in which to learn a variety of skills. Within this environment, the therapist can control multiple variables while addressing specific behaviors. Once the child masters a skill in the clinic, s/he may then begin to generalize to real-life settings such as the home, school, and community.  Clinic-based therapy also provides the option for children to work individually or in small groups with other children. Group settings offer the opportunity for peer interactions, peer play, and communication in a small social setting.

The Intervention Model

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